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How to activate BasicTalk adapter purchased in retail stores

Bought a BasicTalk phone adapter in retail stores and would like to activate your BasicTalk adapter? Follow the easy steps given and you will be able to use the service instantly.

Steps to activate BasicTalk adapter purchased in retail stores

  • Click Here to visit the BasicTalk activation page.
  • In this page, you will be required to enter the WAN MAC address of the phone adapter you are having.
  • Enter the WAN MAC address and click on Submit MAC Address
  • If the MAC address is valid, you will be taken to enter your Contact Information.
  • Enter the payment information.
  • Preview your order and click on the confirm order button.
  • Your service will be activated immediately and the new phone number will be sent to your email address instantly. You can install the phone adapter and start using the service.

Calculate your total costs before subscribing with BasicTalk

If you are planning to subscribe for BasicTalk, you can calculate your total costs before subscribing with BasicTalk service. This will help you in deciding the phone service provider at your budget.

Steps to calculate your total costs before subscribing with BasicTalk

  1. Visit BasicTalk website
  2. At the right side bottom of the website, you will find the tool "Calculate Your Total Costs"
  3. In the tool, enter your zip code and click the button Calculate.
  4. The total amount expected for your account will be displayed.

How to change Basictalk phone number?

How can I change my Basictalk phone number is one the question that will be there in every customers mind. Basictalk provides highly secured online account to personalize the online account and to make the necessary changes whenever required.

Basictalk provides two options to change your phone number as given below:

1. Change phone number and receive a new phone number.
2. Change phone number and select the option to transfer your number from current carrier.

You will be able to change the phone number from Basictalk online account by following the steps given below:

- Login to your Basictalk online account.
- Click on "Summary" tab and select "Change Your Number".
- Here you will have the option to select to get a new phone number or to keep your existing number.
- Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the order for new phone number.

Note: If you choose the option to keep your existing number with Basictalk, you will have the option to forward the calls to your previous number free for 7 days.

I bought a HT701 device from retail store. How do I activate my BasicTalk phone service?

If you have purchased the Basic Talk device HT701 from a retail stores, you need to activate the adapter with Basic Talk database to use the service.

Visit the link to activate BasicTalk phone service. Enter the WAN MAC address of the phone adapter and update the U.S based Credit Card, Debit Card or Checking Account to complete the subscription. After activation, wait for 10 to 15 minutes to start using Basic Talk service.

Note: The MAC address will be in 12 characters length. It contains combination of both letters and numbers. (Example: 000F12AB3DEF).

To find out the WAN MAC address, remove the BasicTalk Box from its packaging. Turn the device over. The address will be located on the bottom.

BasicTalk Plan Details

BasicTalk is a new brand that provides low cost home phone service for domestic purposes. You get free calling to U.S customers unlimited for $9.99 per month plus taxes. It does not include Internet connection. It only includes a hardware with a U.S number assigned to it. This device can be installed in any computer with high speed Internet connection to use the service.

BasicTalk works with any high-speed Internet service (such as DSL or Cable Internet connection).

You do not need a computer to use BasicTalk, however, you need high speed Internet connection.


  • Unlimited U.S. calling
  • No annual contract, no hidden fees
  • No cost to keep your number
Visit the official BasicTalk website at