Thursday, April 13, 2017

How to Reactivate My BasicTalk Account That Got Disconnected Due to Non-Payment?

It is possible that your basic talk account might have been disconnected due to non-payment. Let us see, is it possible to reactivate the same.

There are multiple scenarios where you are unable to pay the bill on time. Few known scenarios are:

  • The payment information on file might have expired and you did not update the information
  • No sufficient balance on your Checking Account.
  • Can not afford the service or the service is costly
Irrespective of the reason why the account got disconnected, it is not possible to reactivate the same account. However, you can use the same device to activate another account. You will get a  new account. 

I Need to Reactivate the Same Number I Used

It is not possible as per basic talk service. However, you may create a new basic talk account and contact the basic talk customer care.

They may help you to reassign your previous phone number. However, this method can not be guaranteed. It is because, as per the telecom industry practice, the inactive numbers will be recycled. 

The number may be assigned to a different person. 

You may try your luck. If the number is available, you may get it.  

Can I Stop Automatic Bill Payment for BasicTalk Home Phone Service?

No. The option to stop automatic bill payment is not available with basictalk home phone service. The monthly charges will be applied on the payment information updated on your online account.

How the Automatic Payment Will Be Processed if the Payment on File is Expired?

The Basictalk payment processor system will try to process the payment as per billing cycle date. However, if the payment method used is expired, the payment will fail and it will not be processed. 

An email notification will be sent to the email address registered on your basic talk account. Once the payment fails, the account will move to Grace status. You can not place 411 calls (Directory Assitance Calls). You will be able to place 911 calls.

While the Basictalk service does not apply late payment fee, you may be charged for RCF (Returned Check Fee) if the payment fails. Your account is suspended if the payment is not processed for a long time. Then, a reactivation fee of $2 will be applied to get the account to good standing. 

Finally, the account will be disconnected if no payments are made. The automatic bill payment will also stop.

What is My Billing Cycle Date for Basic Talk Service?

The billing date for your basic talk account starts from the time when the payment is processed. Even though it may take few days to start using the service by installing the device, your payment will be processed and billing date will commence.

Till the payment is processed and the account is activated, your account will be in pending status.

I Have Used Checking Account Will My Billing Date Start On the Same Day?

If you have used checking account, it may take up to 8 to 10 business days for the account to be activated. Till then the account will be in pending status. 

The billing date will actually start from the day when the payment is successfully processed on your checking account. You will receive the payment processed and welcome email from the basic talk home phone service. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

How to Sign In to Your Basictalk Online Account?

Are you having trouble logging into Basictalk online account?

We have discussed all possible scenarios where you may face problems. Please go through the issues and act on the issue that matches your concern.

Steps to Login to Basictalk Account

  1. Visit BasicTalk Login Page.
  2. A Page stating "Sign in to your BasicTalk Account" will appear
  3. Enter your "Username or 10 digit phone number"
  4. Enter your Password
Now, click on submit button. If the account credentials are correct, you will be able to access your account and manage the features. 

If you have used incorrect username or password for a maximum of three times, the online account will be locked out automatically. You will not be able to access it. However, the same will be unlocked automatically after 30 minutes. Hence, if your account is locked due to incorrect login credentials attempt, please try after 30 minutes. 

If you still have an issue, you may have to reset the password or change the username. Please read the articles further for more assistance.

I Forgot My BasicTalk Account Username. How Should I Login?

If you do not remember your basic talk account username, you can use your 10 digit phone number as username. The password will remain the same even of you use your phone number or username.

If you still prefer to get your username, you may use the "Forgot Your Username" option.

How to Recover The BasicTalk Online Account Username?

If you do not remember or lost the basic talk online account username, you can get the same using the forgot username option. You can find the steps below:

  1. If you are on the account login screen, please click on the "Forgot Your Username" option. (It will be available under the username box)
  2. Click on the blue colored hyperlink placed in Username.
  3. You will be prompted for the email address registered on your basic talk account.
  4. You must have the 5 digit zip code for the account handy
  5. After entering both the values, complete the word verification.
  6. Click on "Send" button. The email will be sent to you.
Note: Word verification is used to block computer-generated abuse since people can read distorted text whereas this is a difficult task for a computer program. Word verification is being used to stop non-humans from being able to submit requests. If you are having trouble identifying the word, just click on the two arrow reload button to have a different word displayed.
If you prefer to change the Username, Click Here.After login, you will be taken to the page where you can change the username.

I Forgot My BasicTalk Account Password. How Should I Reset it?

 From your online account login page, look for the password section. Now, follow the below instructions:

  1. Click on the Forgot your Password? link.
  2. On the next screen, enter your Username or 10 digit phone number.
  3. Complete the word verification and click on next.
  4. You can answer your security questions to get the password
  5. If security questions are not set, the password will be sent to the registered email address.
The reset password link sent to the email address is valid for 24 hours only. 

If you wish to change your password, you can do so by clicking on the link: 

You will be required to login. After logging in, you will be taken directly to the password change page.

Can I access My BasicTalk Account Using My Smartphone or Tablet?

Even though you can access the basictalk website from your mobile phone or tablet, we can not guarantee that the changes you make will be updated. Hence, we always suggest not to use a mobile browser for accessing basictalk website.

Hope the information provided here helped you in accessing your online account. Do let us know using the comment box below if you have any issues or needs assistance.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

How to Block a Specific Calls on Basic Talk Phone Number?

At this time the specific call block feature is not available. We will not be able to block selective calls in basic talk number. However, there are few alternative options where your can follow to stay away from anonymous, private No number calls.

1. Enable Anonymous Call Block

Basic talk offers Anonymous Call Block feature that helps us to block calls from the following categories:
  1. Anonymous
  2. Private
  3. Private Number
  4. Private Name
  5. Number Private
  6. Caller Private
  7. Restricted
  8. Withheld
If you enable Anonymous Call Block feature, the calls matching the caller id mentioned above only will be blocked. Any other calls will go through your basic talk number. 

2. Blocking Calls Using Cordless Phone System or A Phone with Call Block Feature

Another option to block calls from the selective numbers is to purchase a phone system that has the option to feed the phone number to be blocked. Few phones that has the call block feature are:

  1. Panasonic KXTGF344B Dect 4-Handset Landline Telephone
  2. CPR Call Blocker

Panasonic KXTGF344B Dect 4-Handset Landline Telephone

  • Block up to 250 numbers with one-touch Call Block on base unit and handsets
  • Check messages, return calls and more with a Smart Function Key button
  • Clearly hear calls from noisy places with Noise Reduction
  • Receive alerts when the baby starts crying with built-in baby monitor

CPR V500 Call Blocker

5000 Scam Numbers Pre-Programmed Plus the Ability To Block A Further 1500 Numbers or Area Codes At The Touch Of A Button 

Blocking Function: Block a number by entering #2 on any DECT handset connected to the telephone base. 

International Blocking Function: This will reject all calls shown as INTERNATIONAL 

Unknown Blocking Function: This will reject all calls shown as UNAVAILABLE / OUT OF AREA 

Private Blocking Function: This will reject all calls shown as PRIVATE 

Note: If You Have Any Questions Or Require Technical Support Please Call Our Customer Support Team On 408 872 6822

Hope the options available above might help you. If you know any other solution, please do let us know by giving us your comments below this post.

Can I Use a Phone Line Splitter on Basic Talk to Use Multiple Phones?

Are you looking for an option to use a single phone number with multiple phones on your basic talk number? Yes, it is possible. Lut us learn how to use the same phone number on multiple phones using phone line splitter, home wiring, and cordless phone systems.

Using Multiple Phones with Basic Talk Using Phone Line Splitter

The first and easiest option is to use a splitter. They are available in different choices. The most common one is the 3-way splitter. Please follow the steps below to connect a splitter to basic talk phone box.

  1. Buy a splitter from the nearest retail stores. 
  2. Take the tail-like cable and connect it to the phone port on the basic talk device.
  3. Now, take your phone cable and connect each phone to the each RJ11 phone ports available on the other side of the splitter.  

You are done. Just pick the call and check whether you are receiving dial tone on each and every phone. When you receive a call, all the three phones will ring and you can answer any one phone.

Using Multiple Phones with Basic Talk Using Cordless Phone System

The another option is to purchase a cordless phone system and connect it with the basic talk box. Follow the steps below to install the cordless phone systems.

  1. Open the box of the cordless phone system. The box will contain a base unit and three cordless phone handsets. 
  2. Connect the base unit to the basic talk device.
  3. Now, register the handsets to the base unit. Please refer to the user manual of the cordless phone system on how to register the handsets.
  4. Now, check the dial tone on each of your phones. If the dial tone is present, You are done.

Using Multiple Phones with Basic Talk Using Existing Home Wiring Setup

If you have an existing home wiring setup, you can use multiple phones by connecting them. The steps laid down will help you to use the basic talk service on multiple phones with the same number.

  1. Connect an RJ11 cable from your basic talk phone box to one of the ports in the home wiring.
  2. Take another phone and connect the cable to one of the phone ports in another room.
  3. Connect other phones in the same model.
  4. Check for the dial tone on each phone. If you have the dial tone, you have successfully completed the setup.
Note: It is not suggested to connect more than 5 phones to your home wiring setup, splitter or cordless phones. If connected, they may lead to audio issues and you will experience a horrible phone service. 

How Make Anonymous Calling From Basic Talk Phone?

If you are looking forward to placing anonymous calls from your basic talk number, you can do so by enabling caller id block feature. Once the caller ID block is enabled on your number, the receiver will not receive your number.

For the link for more details on enabling and disabling caller id feature.